About us

Since 2018

Welcome to King & Co. Barber Studio, where you’re the King and we’re the company! Whether it’s your first haircut, a new look, or traditional style, we will make you look and feel your best with our premier services.

My name is Ace, Master Barber and owner of King & Co. I have had a passion for cutting hair since I was 16 where I began practicing on my friends and family, and continue to cut their hair to this day.

I truly enjoy the traditional feel of a Barbershop, and love creating that experience for my clients, making each one walk out feeling like a new man. I specialize in scissor cuts as well as in hot towel, straight razor shaves, which makes any man feel amazing and brings back the root of barbering.

Each barbering service is a work of art that requires passion, quality, and precision. I carry those values with me everyday and apply them to every cut!